Just Cloud Sucks!

You are looking for a cloud backup service, you read a few review websites and they all rave about this service called Just Cloud. The price looks ok so you decide to sign up and try it out. You try it for a day or two and think it is ok and they offered you a sweet deal in an email to sign up so you do. After you pay them you realize that the sweet deal you got might not have been as sweet as you thought.

When you installed the service you let it just use the defaults thinking that would be fine. Little did you know that the service does not backup files over a certain size. After your hard drive dies you discover that most of your photos, music and video were all over that size limit and none of them were saved.

There are tons of stories on the Internet of people being ripped off by Just Cloud or one of the other services that JDI Backup runs. MyPCBackup, Zip Cloud and Backup Genie are all the same service and the truth is they all SUCK! If you were taken advantage of by one of these services here is your chance to tell the world. Write your review of Just Cloud on our review page or drop us a note where you wrote your review so we can feature it here.

Remember tell the world that Just Cloud SUCKS!

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by steve on Just Cloud
Stoped Backing up

I have been with Just cloud for years and thought they had been backing up 2 computers in my office. I paid for a 12-month subscription and then set it up and left it running in the background. Only its not there anymore. I only found out as someone in a network group was after a storage system, and I went in to check mine. Have no idea how long it has not been active. But now in the process of finding something new and going through the hassle of uploading my entire business life to a new system that can take days to do. Which was why I had stuck with these scammers in the first place.

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