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You are looking for a cloud backup service, you read a few review websites and they all rave about this service called Just Cloud. The price looks ok so you decide to sign up and try it out. You try it for a day or two and think it is ok and they offered you a sweet deal in an email to sign up so you do. After you pay them you realize that the sweet deal you got might not have been as sweet as you thought.

When you installed the service you let it just use the defaults thinking that would be fine. Little did you know that the service does not backup files over a certain size. After your hard drive dies you discover that most of your photos, music and video were all over that size limit and none of them were saved.

There are tons of stories on the Internet of people being ripped off by Just Cloud or one of the other services that JDI Backup runs. MyPCBackup, Zip Cloud and Backup Genie are all the same service and the truth is they all SUCK! If you were taken advantage of by one of these services here is your chance to tell the world. Write your review of Just Cloud on our review page or drop us a note where you wrote your review so we can feature it here.

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by Mark A. on Just Cloud
held my files for ransom

I subscribed to Just Cloud in December 2013 and backed up a lot of business files. I set my account to back up automatically at midnight every day. The service was a bit clunky, but I was able to access my files when I needed them. I paid for the service with a credit card. There was a robo-renewal provision in their agreement. Completely unrelated to Just Cloud, my credit card got hacked and replaced.

On December 8, 2014 -- 15 days before the renewal date, Just Cloud tried to debit the old card for another year and of course got rejected. They sent me an email at 1:39 a.m. EST reminding me to update my account. Before giving them a new card number, I decided to take a look at my files and reassess the service. I couldn't do this because they had locked me out of my account, even though the year's subscription was not finished. They wouldn't let me access my account unless I re-upped with them. Then, they threatened to delete all of my files if I didn't pay them a renewal fee before December 22, 2014.

I was not amused. I did some research and found out that these same characters had been sued by the US FTC for running a scam dating site. They operate their various businesses under the name Just Develop It from an office park in Southampton, England.

I drafted a lawsuit against them and sent them a pre-filing courtesy copy. I also located the British solicitors who represented them and sent them a copy of the lawsuit. After a whole lot of drama and emails, they agreed to unlock my account and actually offered me a free year's renewal. I retrieved all my files from their server and stopped the auto backup. I thought I was done with them. Then, I started getting renewal notices from them. Two years later, they were still trying to collect a fee from me and threatening to delete my files.

I am amazed that these folks aren't the subject of a class action suit here in the U.S. They have built a mini-conglomerate from all of their hustles. Look at their web page "justdevelop.it". They have taken Just Cloud and their scam dating site off their page, but it's the same bunch of hustlers.

These are not decent or honorable people. I got my files back from them because I don't need to hire lawyers to file a lawsuit. Most people do not have that luxury. I would not recommend doing business with them in any of their businesses.

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