Just Cloud Nightmare

This video from TechMedia Fusion is a typical experience of Just Cloud users. It is similar to my experience and why Just Cloud sucks, continues to suck and why I highly recommend you look at other services.

The Purpose of this video is to simply give you guys a heads up if you are either in the market for a cloud storage service or in fact you are currently with Just Cloud. By informing you of my experience you can make your own educated decision as to whether or not you want to protect your data or not.

About 18 months ago I signed up to Just Cloud, who also go under the name of JDI Backup Ltd, incidentally, JDI Backup are the parent company and they own Just Cloud, My PC Backup, Zip Cloud and Genie Backup, regardless they all offer the same service, but again just a heads up as they are all run by the same people.

The service I signed up for was an unlimited backup plan that allowed me to register two computers and any external devices that where attached to them computers. Also at the time of me signing up for the account I was allowed to backup any file type. About 3 months into the service Just Cloud changed the agreement, no longer where external devices allowed permitted to be backed up and no longer could you backup video files. In order to do so you had to pay for each service on an annual bases and although for videos files it was only £9.99 per year external devices started at £50 per year per device and more expensive the larger the device.

Although not really happy at the change I still stayed as the value for money was still good. At the beginning of September I received an email from the legal department for Just Cloud explaining to me that my account was to be deleted in 30 days and if I wanted to save my data I had to do so in this time period. The only options available to me where either save my data and leave after the 30 days or upgrade my account to a business account. What happened next is covered in the video.

Thanks to Techmedia Fusion for such a great video!

One thought on “Just Cloud Nightmare

  1. I can only suggest to anybody looking for a cloud – STAY AWAY FROM JUSTCLOUD. I also had at some time ago, very often, the feeling its a criminal sucking outfit

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