Just Develop It – JustCloud Sucks!

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Want to see what the parent company, Just Develop It, spends the money they took from you on with your JustCloud subscription?

Check out their new office as covered by the local paper. Perhaps the Portsmouth News should do an investigative piece on how JustCloud scams people out of their money and never actually supplies the service people signed up for.

shame on youApparently Just Develop It won “Employer of the Year” and was the overall winner of The News’ Business Excellence Awards. Can you believe that? Did this paper do any checking into this company at all? Perhaps some readers here should leave a few comments about how JustCloud does business on their little story.

The only good thing I found about all of this, the Just Develop It website has a list of all their companies. A good list of companies you can avoid. Oh and there looks like a new set of social media accounts you might want to check to let them know how well their company JustCloud treated you. You can find them on Twitter, and Facebook.

I think Just Develop It and CEO Chris Phillips wins another award from us here at JustCloudSucks.net, the giant


Congrats to Just Develop It for making JustCloud and making it suck so badly!

One thought on “Just Develop It – JustCloud Sucks!

  1. I could not agree more with you about how bad a company Just Cloud is.
    Here is my story. I signed up for JustCloud two years ago. The first thing that happened is that they charged me for features I did not subscribe to. When I called to ask what the charges were about, and I told them that I did not sign up for these features, they told me “too late” we can’t change it now. So I was forced to pay for a service I did not ask for.
    That was two years ago (I signed up for a 2-year plan).
    Today, I have problems with my computer. My hard drive is about to give up. So I decided to access my backed up files on the JustClould server. But surprise, none of my personal files are to be found on their server, even though I have seen them before. But right now all I see is applications and system files. No trace of my pictures, my music files, or anything else.
    Time to call tech support. Actually you can’t call tech support you have to email them. First email, got a response with the promised 24 h with additional questions to follow up on my problem. I answered all the questions and provided the screen shots they asked for, but then the line went mute. I sent another email asking about the status of my ticket. Got an immediate lame response that did not address any of the points I developed in my second email to them. So I asked them to actually read my email and respond accordingly. Silence again. Two days later I got a email telling me to stop sending emails as it will slow down the process (not sure what process they are talking about, since they did not indicate they were taking any action).
    So here I am, I have paid for their service for two years and now that I need to make use of the service I find out that there is no service at all and that tech support is useless and rude!

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