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by Annoyed User on Just Cloud

Absolute shit

by Paul B. on Just Cloud
Avoid at all costs - liars and scammers!

Absolutely avoid this company!

Been paying them for years then discover a problem with myiTunes music in May.

It turns out my backups are NOT THERE! I have been told "check every 4 days, we migrated to a new server, the scripts are written manually, success does not come without bumps" continually which is all frankly bullsh*t and what they have been telling plenty of other users over the past 15 years.

You cannot SPEAK to a help center just email with 'an advisor' with trendy americanised names when they are probably sitting in a call centre in Bangldesh fielding complaints and peddling the same lines out.

Absolute scam and liars - do not touch!

by Warren J. on Just Cloud
Lost Files

When you set up a back-up and see it working and checking the initial uploads you trust that the JustCloud are keeping your data safe and secure

I performed an audit and noticed that a large number of my files were missing, i would estimate 200-300gb

I raised this issue with them. i could confirm the exact filenames, dates etc since I have back-ups also performed at home. The reason for a cloud back-up was to protect my files in case of a serious issue in my home.

JustCloud looked into it and confirmed they didn't know what happened but couldn't find the fails. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN, I PAY TO TO SECURE MY IMPORTANT FILES. When I google this there appears to be many people with the same issue. they obviously had a problem and didnt come clean. i was very disdappointed with their poor response to my missing files and made no or very very little effort to locate them and failed. Waste of time backing my files up to their cloud site....

by Tim on Just Cloud
Justcloud is running a theft by swindle scam

Why can't I give them zero stars? I've backed up 650GB over five years and paid nearly $1000 in fees and can't get anything to restore. The app doesn't work, Filezilla doesn't work & I can't get anybody at their end to answer emails or chat sessions.

What a pile of sh**.

Somebody needs to hunt these guys down....

by David on Just Cloud
Back Ups

For many years I have been able to back up files etc. Since April 2017 I have not! Each time I start the back up it just keeps on going (the wee wheel) and nothing happens. I have emailed Just Cloud on numerous occasions and I keep getting the usual message that they are sorry for any inconvenience caused and that the matter is with their 'development team' I am still unable to back up files. They still took my fee for the year and have never said about any rebate.

by Randy on Just Cloud

I canceled 3 times and they kept deducting the monthly payment and won't give back my money.

by Robert on Just Cloud
JustCloud have lost over 300GB of my backed up data

JustCloud have lost over 300GB of my backed up data, in the form of 320,000 files and 17,000 folders. 12 emails back and forth and in every one they ask for the path of the missing file (yes, singular). I tell them the original device no longer exists and I can't possibly provide 320,000 paths. They reply asking for the path. 12 times. I have tried to process a cancellation. No point in wasting more time asking for a refund.

This is the most disgraceful show I have ever encountered, of incompetence and lack of any kind of responsibility. Nobody is even trying to help. They have taken my money and not given the service offered in return, by any possible definition. Posting here and anywhere else I can find, to contribute to the attempt to not let this dreadful company continue to get away with it. Just avoid these people and spread the word.

by Joseph K. on Just Cloud
JustCloud the issues, promises & billings

I've spoken with 4 support reps over the past 2 weeks. Two of them hung up within the first 30 seconds. The 3rd gave me bogus and incorrect information telling me that the information on their web portal cannot be relied on. The 4th, just last Friday, who implied that I was ignorant, put me on hold about 3 times to avoid listening to me, then hung up (errr..."accidental disconnect") but still managed to charge my account for 2 business plans that I don't need.

I made 3 requests that a supervisor call me who is also a human being with authority to discuss their misleading and confusing billing issues.
Instead I received 3-4 emails from different "service" reps who basically ignored, did understand or didn't even have the courtesy to read and reply to my emails. All saying that I need to get on their call cue again to discuss the matter with another rep who is probably somewhere in SE Asia.

One of the replies was a little encouraging in that the rep asked when a convenient time was for someone to call adding that "if I don't hear from them, that I could call them." The next email I received from yet another rep said that they are not equipped to make out-going calls.

It brain twisting to try to understand why a high tech company like JustCloud doesn't have a low tech phone for a supervisor to discuss a customers problems.

The have no problem making charges though.

I've been a customer for almost 5 years and discovered recently that my PC was not backed up since 2012. My attention was a result of the recent ransomware scare.

I didn't mind the automatic billing even though it was always confusing as long as I was under the impression that the backups were happening automatically also. That JUST wasn't happening.

There should be a class action lawsuit against them.

by Mark A. on Just Cloud
held my files for ransom

I subscribed to Just Cloud in December 2013 and backed up a lot of business files. I set my account to back up automatically at midnight every day. The service was a bit clunky, but I was able to access my files when I needed them. I paid for the service with a credit card. There was a robo-renewal provision in their agreement. Completely unrelated to Just Cloud, my credit card got hacked and replaced.

On December 8, 2014 -- 15 days before the renewal date, Just Cloud tried to debit the old card for another year and of course got rejected. They sent me an email at 1:39 a.m. EST reminding me to update my account. Before giving them a new card number, I decided to take a look at my files and reassess the service. I couldn't do this because they had locked me out of my account, even though the year's subscription was not finished. They wouldn't let me access my account unless I re-upped with them. Then, they threatened to delete all of my files if I didn't pay them a renewal fee before December 22, 2014.

I was not amused. I did some research and found out that these same characters had been sued by the US FTC for running a scam dating site. They operate their various businesses under the name Just Develop It from an office park in Southampton, England.

I drafted a lawsuit against them and sent them a pre-filing courtesy copy. I also located the British solicitors who represented them and sent them a copy of the lawsuit. After a whole lot of drama and emails, they agreed to unlock my account and actually offered me a free year's renewal. I retrieved all my files from their server and stopped the auto backup. I thought I was done with them. Then, I started getting renewal notices from them. Two years later, they were still trying to collect a fee from me and threatening to delete my files.

I am amazed that these folks aren't the subject of a class action suit here in the U.S. They have built a mini-conglomerate from all of their hustles. Look at their web page "". They have taken Just Cloud and their scam dating site off their page, but it's the same bunch of hustlers.

These are not decent or honorable people. I got my files back from them because I don't need to hire lawyers to file a lawsuit. Most people do not have that luxury. I would not recommend doing business with them in any of their businesses.

by David C. on Just Cloud
I'm sick

I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year to get JustCloud to restore my files. They keep telling me it’s in the queue and to check back every 4 days. I would never use JustCloud again based on my experience. My wife has lost thousands of personal photos. Her computer crashed and our "backup" is either lost or being held hostage by this company.

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