Wall of Shame

shame on youThese review websites and companies are pushing Just Cloud and many other JDIBackup companies and people are being ripped off. So here is a list of review websites and companies I have heard of promoting Just Cloud or another JDIBackup site. If you know of others feel free to mention them in your horrible review of Just Cloud or as a comment on the page so I can add the website/company to the list.

Review Websites

Let me be very clear, these review sites SUCK and the only way they get removed from this list is to remove Just Cloud and all JDIBackup companies from their top lists. All links open in a new window and are NOFOLLOWED.

Hosting Companies

I have heard or personally seen the following hosting companies linking or offering Just Cloud to their customers. These hosting companies should really do some more research before just blindly offering their customers such a bad service.

I recently discovered why those three web hosting companies all promote Just Cloud. They are all Endurance International Group brands. Guess what other company is also an Endurance International Group brand? Just Cloud.

How ironic that on the Endurance International Group website when you visit the page called Our Values under the Our Company section it is just a photo with the words “Customers First Enough Said”. I wonder do any of the Just Cloud users that have left comments and reviews of Just Cloud feel like they have been placed first? Perhaps Endurance International Group should try using their own backup service, eat their own dog food shall we say, and then see what they think of it. I would not be surprised if all of the Endurance International Group brands are pushing Just Cloud. So to Endurance International Group we give you a great big YOU SUCK award for offering the WORST online backup service. Congratulations!

If any one knows how Endurance International Group and JDIBackup and all the Just Develop It companies are all connected that would be interesting to know.

Did I miss anyone? Let me and others know in the comments

6 thoughts on “Wall of Shame

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am not a “shill”. I truly got good customer service from their service group. I had discovered your site before contacting them and was truly shocked to have gotten good service. I was expecting that at any moment they would tell me that they would not refund my overpayment. I did choose my words carefully when dealing with them, thanks to your site. I tried to convince them that I was happy with the service but would not renew until they refunded me. Once they refunded, I asked them to cancel the account. I was fortunate also, that the credit card they had on record had changed and I turned off the PayPal payment process. I “sort of” threatened them with the fact that I could work with PayPal for a refund if I had to. I did not care for their business practices, but they did provide good customer service and give me what I wanted, which is what I reviewed. I was lucky I guess.

    Thank you,

  2. Further to my review on your review page, only just saw a link to this at the bottom of their site…
    A) No wonder so many places rank them as #1
    B) Not so dissimilar to the JDIdating fiasco is it?!

    People really need to become more aware of just how bad it is!

  3. I had taken a Justcloud subscription 2 years ago and i can say from the start they were really bad to deal with. Its only because i was a bit more aware of how to use there platform, i was able to download all my information and not used them after a few months of signing up for the service.

    To give you an idea, i was double charged at the start of my subscription, when i contacted them, and the only way is by email!!! they came back and told me they had cancelled my account, after uploading nearly 40Gbs of data you can imagine my concerns. Once this was sorted, i found that if i even wanted to download my data, i would have to go into any subfolder and download the files individually and if you image this for let say a few hundred pictures, this would take a very long time!!

    I would avoid justcloud with a bargepole, they have very bad service and lock and customer in so you will find it nearly impossible to get your data back (i said nearly). I actually did the whole download of all my files individually and stop uploading after a few months even though i had 2 year subscription. It gave me great pleasure to know i had managed to get all my data back and would not resubscribe with them.

    Also be warned many think come as extra’s, so even uploading files is at a limited speak, i had a 150mb connection limited to 10Mbs upload and downloaded again is limited unless you pay.


    I go as far as tell all my friends and family to never use them.

    Thank you Justcloud, hopefully the winds should move you on as it looks like people are becoming aware of your poor service.

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