World Backup Day! Use ANYONE but Just Cloud!

Tomorrow is World Backup Day! If you have been burned by Just Cloud, and so many people have, this is a great day for you to find a new and better online backup service. While there are many out there I recommend either Backblaze or CrashPlan. I tried both after kicking Just Cloud to the curb because they SUCK so much.

Ironically I am going to post an infographic create by one of the worst Just Cloud Wall of Shame holders,

Perhaps if they did not list Just Cloud as their number one online backup service you could actually believe the rest of their website. They are obviously only interested in selling out their readers for $150.00 / sign up. Think of how many people have signed up for Just Cloud from and have been burned. Had their accounts set to business accounts, not had photos backed up or important files. How many people have actually lost data because of I bet that site alone makes thousands of dollars a month by referring people to Just Cloud KNOWING that Just Cloud sucks. It is review websites like that give all review websites a bad name.

Below is the infographic. To bad it comes from a source that obviously cares more about selling out their readers for $150.00 / sign up than honestly reviewing online backup services. – World Backup Day 2015
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